What is ElasticWCM?

ElasticWCM is a powerful content management platform allowing you to quickly build your own mobile apps, web sites, custom solutions, and manage all content from a single place.

With ElasticWCM you can make your own customizable Mobile App in a matter of hours, even if you are not a programmer.

ElasticWCM allows you to revive your old web site adding enterprise-grade content management functionality without rebuilding the whole system.

For Marketers

  • make your own Mobile App today, even if you are not a programmer
  • publish new content in your Mobile App after you customers install it
  • share content between your Web Site and your Mobile App
  • keep multiple versions, backup, restore, roll back
  • collect and analyze usage data for your Mobile App

For Software Developers

  • quickly develop Mobile App using free ElasticWCM jQuery plugin for PhoneGap
  • Target iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, webOS, and Symbian devices.
  • extend any PhoneGap App with ElasticWCM Content Management Service
  • use jQuery Mobile with ElasticWCM plugin optimized for PhoneGap Build
  • extend your ASP.NET web site with ElasticWCM Enterprise Content Management

bMyApp: Make you own Mobile App right now

You don't have to be a programmer to do this
  1. Install bMyApp on your phone
  2. Run it and Register - it instantly becomes your own App
  3. Manage App's content from your phone or any computer

Install bMyApp for Android

bMyApp lets you instantly share pictures, status messages, and news with your friends and customers. You register your new App with ElasticWCM using your phone or computer. After you install it on your phone bMyApp instantly becomes your own mobile App with sample content already created.


Enter your own content – pictures, news - using your phone or computer. Add or modify pages in your App – all updates will be available to everyone who installs the App next time they run it.

When you register for bMyApp you get unique App code. Anyone who installs bMyApp can add your App code to see what you publish.