Features & Benefits

Elaborate permission management

ElasticWCM provides advanced features in managing content editing permissions. It enables precise tuning of the permissions structure to match desired business process.

Security administrators can divide responsibilities between multiple user groups based on page Url, particular language, and even specific content field or a group of fields.

Multiple permission levels allow assigning rights to create drafts, publish pages, perform all operations or be a reviewer only.

ElasticWCM allows creating custom permission levels with any combination of permissions.

ElasticWCM implements a feature most frequently asked by enterprise users: different company departments can divide responsibility over different content regions on the same web page.

ElasticWCM integrates with your local Active Directory, Form Based Authentication, or custom authentication components.

When configuring permissions for ElasticWCM you can reference user groups from your Active Directory, or Roles defined in your site’s Form-Based Authentication. A custom component can easily be created to accommodate whatever authentication mechanism you use for your web site.

With ElasticWCM Resilience feature your web site will keep displaying content even if your web server loses connection to the cloud-based content database.