ElasticWCM Documentation

Convert your ASP.NET web site into a modern Content Management System

ElasticWCM is incredibly easy to use. There is no complicated installation procedure, no programming, and no steep learning curve. Download a DLL, put several lines of XML in the web.config file, drag & drop content controls. That's all you need to get started.

Example Visual Studio Projects Example Visual Studio Projects

  • Simple WCM Project
  • Advanced Multilingual WCM Project
  • Complex Permissions WCM Project
  • More...

Setup & Configuration Setup & Configuration

  • Create ElasticWCM account and download ElasticWCM.Client.dll
  • Configure connection to the cloud-based content management system
  • Configure permissions for your content editors
  • Drag and drop ElasticWCM content controls to your web pages
  • More...

Content Management Content Management

  • Keeping existing content of your web site
  • Viewing properties of content fields on a web page
  • Editing page content
  • Shared and Global fields
  • Creating and managing new pages
  • More...

Setup & Configuration Advanced Configuration

  • Integrating with your local Active Directory
  • Configuring web site for multiple languages
  • Field-level permissions, permissions for different user groups, departments, and languages
  • Ensure resilience with local content store
  • Content backup, transfer, restore
  • More...

Developer API Developer API

  • Replacing System Components
  • Custom User Management
  • Custom Local Content Store
  • Extending ElasticWCM
  • More...