Setup & Configuration

ElasticWCM Account & Service Dashboard

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To enable Content Management on your ASP.NET web site you need to create an ElasticWCM account.

Register for free Community Subscription here.

ElasticWCM Dashboard

Dashboard allows you to review the ElasticWCM Subscription details, manage company and user profiles, manage subscription usage, perform backup and restore.

ElasticWCM Dashboard

Dashboard is also the place where you can get your Environment Key to configure your web site for ElasticWCM. To see your Environment Key click the "Environments & Keys" button.

Here is an example of how Environment Key looks (below is not a real key - copy yours from the Dashboard):

  <add key="ElasticWCM_Cloud_Key" value="Production_378210-121737-A07nUXPFjoTKnjzVR7smIgZz8QZcCUTu357=="/>

See Quick Configuration section to learn more about Environment Key.